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Safari Club International (SCI) Miami Chapter is a South Florida extension of Safari Club International, an organization devoted to the protection of hunting rights world wide.  SCI Miami Chapter was formed in December 1997 through the hard work and dedication of our first President, Ernesto Santana as well as Lawrence S. Katz, Esquire, then the SCI Vice President (he also served as a subsequent SCI President and SCI Miami Chapter President), as well as many others who were equally devoted to the central mission of protecting hunting rights through conservation, educational and humanitarian programs.

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SCI Miami encourages all hunters to attend the Friends for the NRA banquet in Miami. Let’s show the NRA how much SCI members appreciate all their work to protect our rights to keep and bear arms! SCI Miami President Barbara Crown is reserving a table. Call her at 305-253-5301 to secure your seat!




Eric Sodhi

Winner of the SCI Miami Chapters

custom Montana X2 rifle.